Who We Are

About the GDO

The Germantown Democrats (GDO) are a vital force in our unique Hudson Valley community, putting our values to work on a grassroots level. We strive to improve the quality of life for all Germantown residents, to strengthen our school and build local businesses. We advocate for our environment, educate residents about important community and regional issues, and much more.

Germantown Democrats stand for inclusion, diversity and progressive, democratic values.

The GDO is involved in town governance through the Town Board and our Zoning and Planning committees.  Our other community initiatives include active voter registration and outreach; identifying and supporting local candidates for elections; working with the County, Regional, State and National Democratic Committees to support candidates who are running to represent us.

Our membership is comprised of a diverse group, all of whom have been drawn to this unique, historic, and beautiful community.  There are long-time residents, who’s roots are deep in the area; those who first came to Germantown as second home-owners and many of whom are now full time residents; and newer arrivals who have moved to Germantown to settle here and raise their families.

The GDO’s goal is to insure Germantown’s future as a growing, vibrant and thriving community that all residents can enjoy.

Germantown Democrats welcome all!

The GDO is comprised of an elected leadership committee, elected Columbia County Democratic Committee (CCDC) Representatives and the Democrats registered here in Germantown.

Our current leadership committee is

Chair: Lee Wurtzburger
Vice Chair: Conor Guy
Secretary: Jaia Orient
Treasurer: Rob Helmholz
Outreach Director: Cynthia Reichman

Our current CCDC Representatives are

District 1

  1. Connor Guy
  2. Michael Reichman
District 2
  1. Joshua Orient
  2. Cynthia Reichman

About Columbia County Democratic Committee (CCDC) Representatives

Under New York’s election law, political parties in the state are organized by county and within the county by town, and within the town by election districts – Germantown has two.  Each of the election districts is represented by two enrolled Democratic voters (aka our CCDC Reps – see above) who have been chosen in a local election process or have been elected by the CCDC after recommendation by the GDO co-chairs.

CCDC Reps’ responsibilities include:

  • Attend County Committee meetings;
  • Serve on at least one standing committee or task force;
  • Carry designating petitions and campaign for candidates in general elections;
  • Help organize Democrats in one’s town or city—including registering voters, finding and training volunteers, raising funds, recruiting candidates, and supporting those candidates’ campaigns for office.
  • Serve as a liaison between the County Committee and one’s town or city.

The GDO leadership committee and its members help with many of those responsibilities.

The mission of the County Committee … is to promote and establish Democratic principles and programs in the County, the State of New York, and the United States, and to provide the best possible government for the people of the County, the State of New York, and the United States. –from the County Committee By-laws

For more information on this, visit the CCDDC website here.