2021 Election Day Voting

General Election – Tuesday, November 2nd from 6AM – 9PM

The polling place for Germantown residents is the Kellner Activities Building at 50 Palatine Park Road.

2021 Early Voting Information

Early voting begins Saturday, October 23rd and ends Sunday October 31st. All registered NY voters are eligible for early voting.

Early Voting Location

The County Building, 401 State Street, Hudson, NY 12534


Martin H. Glynn Municipal Center, 3211 Church Street, Valatie, NY 12184


Saturday Oct. 23rd – 9AM to 2PM

Sunday Oct. 24th – 9AM to 2PM

Monday Oct. 25th – Noon to 8PM

Tuesday Oct. 26th – 9AM to 5PM

Wednesday Oct. 27th – Noon to 8PM

Thursday Oct. 28th – 9AM to 5PM

Friday Oct. 29th – 9AM – 5PM

Saturday Oct. 30th – 9AM – 2PM

Sunday Oct. 31st – 9AM – 2PM

(There is no voting on Monday November 1st)

Important notes:

–  If you vote early, you are not eligible to vote again on Election Day, Tuesday November 2nd.

–  You must vote at your regular polling place in Germantown on Election Day. You cannot vote at the early voting location in Hudson on November 2nd.

–  Votes cast during early voting will be counted on Election Night, Tuesday November 2nd.

Absentee Voting

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all NYS voters can vote absentee again this year.

In order to vote absentee, you must first submit an absentee ballot application to the Board of Elections. They will then send you a ballot in the mail. When you mail back your ballot, it must be post marked by November 2nd.

Absentee ballot applications must be RECEIVED by the Board of Elections by October 18th.

You have three options to fill out the absentee ballot application.

  • You can request a ballot on the BOE’s new online portal here. It takes about 1 minute to fill out and is likely the best and easiest option.
  • You can print out an application from here and return it to the BOE in person or by mail (Board of Elections, 401 State Street, Hudson, NY 12534) or you can scan it and return it via email here.
  • The Columbia County Democratic Committee will also be sending out absentee ballot applications to all registered Dems in the county. So you should find one in your mailbox soon. Please note that you will have to pay your own postage to send the application to the BOE.

If you chose to vote by absentee ballot because of the pandemic, just check the box on the absentee ballot application next to “temporary illness or physical disability”. You don’t have to be sick to check this box – the risk of infection is enough.

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Alternatively, once Absentee Ballots have been printed and are available, a voter may go in person to the Columbia County Board of Elections offices, apply for and receive an absentee ballot on the spot, fill it out and submit it, all in that single visit.

Ballots will be available starting sometime in September.

Call or visit the Columbia County Board of Elections

401 State Street
Hudson, New York 12534
(518) 828-3115
Ask to speak to a Democrat!

The offices are open between the hours of 8am-4pm on weekdays.

Click here to learn more about absentee voting.

Register to Vote

The deadline for registering to vote for the General Election is October 8th. The deadline for change of address is October 13th.

Click here to download a voter registration form. Once you’ve filled it out and signed it, mail it to Columbia County Board of Elections at:

401 State Street
Hudson, New York 12534

Alternatively, you can click here to complete an accessible form online. You must then print it out, sign it and mail it to the above address.

For more information and other ways to register, visit the NY State Board of Elections site here.

Voting Rights of Second Home Owners*

If you have more than one home, you don’t have to vote at your primary residence. You have the right to choose which one you vote from, as long as you have a legitimate, significant and continuing attachment to it.  Many Part-time residents of Germantown and surrounding communities have been choosing to register to vote here.  Their votes are making a difference, and yours can too!

If your primary residence is in NYC, but you choose to register to vote in Germantown, you should know about the following:

  • You do NOT need to change your driver’s license or car insurance.
  • If your NYC residence is a rent-regulated apartment, registering to vote in Germantown is not recommended, since that could jeopardize the rent regulation status of your apartment.

For more information, please visit the following sites:

New York Democratic Lawyers Council –

Vote Where It Counts (includes useful FAQs) –

Currently upheld NY State Court Decision in favor of choosing place to vote-

*Disclaimer: Please note that the contents of this website are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice.