Ongoing Issues

Primax/Dollar General

A decision about this project has not been made. It is still an ongoing issue for which public participation matters.

Updated  7/18/18:  The Final Environmental Impact Statement (aka the FEIS) has been approved; the planning board is in discussion with Primax over design issues. Final materials, including visuals, are available in the library and at Town Hall.

There will be a workshop on Monday, July 23rd at 7PM at the Town Hall where Planning Board members will be working on creating conditions of approval.  There will be no public comment accepted at this meeting, but it is still very important to attend.

You can download the FEIS by clicking here. The appendices can be found on the town website by clicking here.

Planning Board meetings are held the last Thursday of the month at 7PM in Town Hall.

Comprehensive Plan

Updated 6/6/18:  The Comprehensive Plan has been approved by the Town Board. The next step will be to form a Zoning Committee to help form zoning laws that conform to the Comprehensive Plan. This committee has not been formed yet. Please submit a letter of interest to Supervisor Robert Beaury at

You can find a copy of the final plan by clicking here.

Commercial Venues Law

Here is a link to the proposed law.

Updated 6/6/18: This issue has been assigned to the Planning Board. Please address letters to the Planning Board Secretary Jami Del Pozzo at If you wish to sign the petition against the creation of this law, or more information about why you might want to do that please email

The Planning Board meets on the last Thursday of every month at 7PM in Town Hall. Please attend!

Waterfront Revitalization

Updated 6/6/18:  The Waterfront Advisory Committee has reformed and members have begun working on the implementation of and fundraising for select projects identified in their Revitalization Study.

They have also been focused on the Amtrak Fences and Gates proposal. A website,, has been created around this issue. A public meeting will be scheduled with Amtrak and concerned citizens soon- date TBD. Please check back here or for more info as it becomes available.