Town Board Meeting 4/9/19

After approving the minutes and the bills the following items were addressed. 1.  A Germantown Farmer’s Market is being organized by 2 local farmers.  StacyLyn Himelright presented the board with a complete business plan with market rules and addressing issues like layout, insurance, etc. They brought the well organized plan before the Board to get … More Town Board Meeting 4/9/19

Town Board Meeting 1/9/18

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. All members of the Town Board were present— Supervisor Robert Beaury, and Council Members Austin Sullivan, Don Moore II, John Kukon, and Brittany DuFresne, and Town Clerk Joyce Vale. Motions were made to approve the following: December 2017 Town Board meeting minutes Payment of December 2017 … More Town Board Meeting 1/9/18

Primax/Dollar General Public Hearing 9/28/17

The public hearing on the Primax/Dollar General Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was opened by the Planning Board Chairman. All members of the Board were present. Steven Reynolds summarized the Board’s process of evaluating the proposal. It is in the SEQRA process (State Environmental Quality Review Act), —like any other proposal, Primax’s was evaluated for … More Primax/Dollar General Public Hearing 9/28/17