Town Board Meeting 4/9/19

After approving the minutes and the bills the following items were addressed.

1.  A Germantown Farmer’s Market is being organized by 2 local farmers.  StacyLyn Himelright presented the board with a complete business plan with market rules and addressing issues like layout, insurance, etc. They brought the well organized plan before the Board to get approval to take the next step to formally contact other vendors.  It was agreed that the Pavilion in Palantine Park would be suitable as the venue and it is available with the Kellner building being accessible for bathroom use.  The Board provisionally approved their going forward subject to legal and insurance review.

2.  There have been 6 people who have expressed an interest in filling the positions on the Planning Board.  The Town Board will be accepting letters  of interest until April 30th and will conduct interviews of the 6 immediately thereafter with the intent of appointing the new members at the next Town Board meeting.

3.  There will be a paid intern from Bard for the History Department with money already allocated in the budget.

4.  PRISM program will be run by Cornell Extension for boaters to voluntarily be inspected for invasive species and to be alerted how to clean the boats. The program will be in Lasher Park from May 24-September 2 and is free.

5.  The request by maintenance to purchase a Root Grapple was tabled until some Board members could investigate the need further.

6.  Summer hours for full time staff will be from 6am-2:30pm May 6-August 30.

7.  $12,780 of expected State aid will not be received this year but is being appealed.

8.  There will be an Amtrak public information hearing in late May (TBD).  Prior to that meeting the Supervisor made the point that its vitally important that there be unanimity in our presentation.  This appears to be our only chance to comment to Amtrak, contrary to their previous commitment to working with affected communities.

9. Town events

  • Rabies clinic April 13 10am-noon (Kellner Activity building)
  • Lions Club Pancake Breakfast April 14 8am-11:30 (Kellner)
  • Easter Egg Hunt April 14 11:30 (Kellner) sponsored by the Library
  • Roadside clean-up April 23  8 (rain date April 25)
  • Canoe Race  April 27 9:30 (starts at Elizaville Falls and ends at Roe Jan Boat Club)
  • River Sweep  May 4  9am – noon  (starts at Lasher Park) rain date May 5
  • Garden Club Plant Sale  May 11
  • Townwide Yard Sale Day / Car Wash/ Odyssey Sub Sale/ Village Stroll  May 18

10.  Next Town Board Meeting  May 14

11.  Public comments

A community member raised a “draft agribusiness law” for the Board to act on, supported by her attorney and a group of others purported to represent 15% of Germantown. Another community member then stated to the Board that this was an event law under a misleading guise.  The video of the proceedings will be on the Gtel TV channel. Following the public comments, Supervisor Beaury stated that the Town Board would unequivocally not be changing any zoning laws until the Primax lawsuit is over and then it will be a comprehensive zoning review not a piecemeal effort.