Planning Board Workshop 11/15/17

This special meeting was a workshop to discuss how Primax plans to summarize all of the Dollar General public hearing comments and written comments, and how that summary will be organized and presented in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). Planning Board members Steve Reynolds, Tim Otty, George Sharpe Sr., Kerrie Abela, and Margaret Della Cioppa attended. Primax was represented by Adam Sellner and their consultant, Kendra Billings.

The Planning Board received a total of 59 written and spoken statements, which contained about 500 individual comments. Some of the statements were duplicates, because several people who spoke at the public hearing also submitted written statements. Ms. Billings will compile all of the comments by topic, index them by name, and then link them to the DEIS categories. The FEIS will include a complete word for word transcript of the public hearing, all written comments, the names of everyone who commented, and Primax’s response to each comment.

The FEIS will be send to each member of the Planning Board for review. The planning board is responsible for reviewing the FEIS to make sure that Primax has addressed all of the issues brought up in the comments, has explained how they will remove or mitigate them, and has included all of their responses.

The planning board members requested that a separate transcript of all written and spoken comments be sent to them for their review before the FEIS is completed. This transcript will also be made available to the public at the Town Hall and Library.

All Planning Board members present agreed that the process outlined by Primax was acceptable, and the meeting was adjourned.