Comp Plan Public Hearing 10/19/17

Three members of the Town Board were in attendance, Supervisor Joel Craig, Councilmember John Kukon, and Councilmember Brittany Dufresne. Town Clerk Joyce Vale was also in attendance.

The meeting began with a statement by Norman Mintz, the chairman of the Comprehensive Plan Committee. He expressed the hope that the idea of the Comprehensive Plan would be adopted and would continue to be updated and amended periodically.

Supervisor Craig proposed two resolutions which needed to be voted on by the Board members. The first declared that the Town Board be the lead agency for the SEQRA review of the Comprehensive Plan. The second resolution addressed the potential impacts on various categories which might be affected by adopting the proposed draft of the Comprehensive Plan. The second resolution was a negative declaration of potential impacts. Both resolutions were unanimously adopted.

The meeting was open for public comment. The comments are summarized as follows:

  • Ellen Jouret-Epstein hoped that the Board would move forward to adopt the Plan. She would like to see the formation of a conservation advisory committee, and a waterfront advisory committee to help implement a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan. She voiced support for a municipal water source. She stated support for a zoning law committee. She stressed the need for strong enforcement of any new zoning laws that might be passed.
  • John Meyers (?) also stated the need for a water source, a desire to see the Palatine Park lake improved, and a concern for adequate maintenance of any rail -to-trail development.
  • Pamela Wallace voiced support for the plan, and for its adoption as soon as possible.
  • Tony Albino stated that enforcement of any rules is critical to the implementation of the Plan.
  • Steve Reynolds stated that some current zoning laws and the new proposed comprehensive plan are in conflict. Therefore, a clear set of new zoning laws needs to be passed, implemented, and enforced.
  • Lee Wurtzburger stated his support for the Comprehensive Plan and for the formation of a zoning law committee.

After all public comments had been made, Supervisor Craig stated that he anticipates that discussion of this matter will move forward, and will be on the agenda of the next Town Board Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:25pm.