Planning Board Meeting 8/31/17

Planning Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm. Chairman Stephen Reynolds and all board members  were present.

  1. July meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted as amended to include statement clarifying an issue pertaining to glare from a property.


  1. Primax/Dollar General

Primax submitted a new version of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), which incorporates changes requested previously by the Planning Board. This new version would be the document that the public can refer to and comment on. The Board wished to move forward with a resolution of completion, although there are a few items that remain to be addressed. The new document includes a revised Exhibit L and revised EAF (Environmental Assessment Form). (There was another revised document that I missed – didn’t catch what was said).

Ted Fink, planner gave an overview of how the review process has progressed to this point, and how it will work going forward. Primax has revised the DEIS two times. On August 30th, they submitted another revision to the DEIS. If the latest revision is determined by the Board to be ready for acceptance as complete, despite a few remaining issues that still need to be addressed, then a 60 day public comment period on the DEIS would commence. A public hearing would be held in 30 days. A copy of the document must be made available to the public, and comments can be submitted in writing to the Board. The DOT and County Health Department can also review the DEIS and submit comments to the Planning Board. There is also a mandatory requirement for a notice to be published in the paper, and notice of the adoption of the DEIS must go out to all agencies involved.

After the public comment period closes, the next step is to prepare a final EIS, which incorporates any modifications called for in the DEIS. The final EIS is also a response/comment document, which includes all public comments, and answers all questions and concerns. If necessary, the public comment period can be extended so that all comments by the public can be included. The final EIS is usually prepared by the Planning Board.

Once the final EIS with modifications and all comments is adopted and filed, there is a mandatory minimum time period during which the public has the opportunity to review it. There is also a mandatory minimum time period before the Board can close out the SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act). A written finding statement consolidates all assurances, litigation measures, alternatives, benefits, and adverses effects of the project.

There was a question posed about different interpretations of the zoning law which might arise. The PB can appeal to the ZBA for interpretation.

After this lengthy discussion, the Board moved to accept the DEIS as complete. The public comment period commenced. A public hearing will be held at 7 pm on September 28th, most likely in the Activity Building. A copy of the DEIS will be available on September 1st in the library and Town Hall and will be posted online as soon as possible. Public comments will be accepted until 7 pm on October 25th. The comment period can be extended.

  1. D’Souza Site Plan

There have been four site plan reviews of the D’Souza property. The two remaining issues yet to be resolved pertain to the pond and the metal building. These outstanding issues will be addressed at a public hearing to be held at 6 pm on September 28th, immediately before the PB meeting.

  1. Rebecca Westby, Request for Special Use Permit

Ms. Westby is requesting a Special Use Permit in order to then obtain a CO ( Certificate of Occupancy) for a dwelling in a converted barn on her property. She intents to use the dwelling for visiting family members. The Special Use Permit has to be obtained before the building inspector can issue a CO. It was agreed that the permit would be revoked in three months of the CO has not been granted. There will be a public hearing at the next PB meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at about 9:12pm.

By Cynthia Reichman